This blog is being run by the BIH interns who are all PhD Researchers from different disciplines across Birkbeck. 


Chenyang Wang

My PhD project focuses on the notion of time in Jacques Lacan’s theory, exploring how a different conceptualization of the subject’s temporal experience is made possible through Lacan’s reinvention of Freudian psychoanalysis. It questions the logic of spatialization that is common in Lacanian studies and argues for a temporal perspective that is essential in Lacan’s thinking of the Real, the Symbolic, subjectivity and sexual difference.

Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Frosh (Psychosocial Studies); Dr. Maria Aristodemou (Law)


Güneş Tavmen

Open Data in the City: Infrastructure, Interface, and Smart Citizen

Being one of the most essential material and discursive component of the smart city today, urban open data has emerged to deliver many promises such as empowering urban dwellers, enabling participation, and so on. This project aims to layout the power distribution open data has emerged from as well how te ways in which it is shaping and restructuring this distribution. Güneş has worked many years in the policy making related to technology and especially ICTs. She is now at the Media and Cultural Studies Department at Birkbeck where she is teaching and doing her PhD.

Supervisors: Dr Joel McKim; Dr Scott Rodgers (FMACS)

 Senjuti Chakraborti
On the Normalisation of Racism in Law and Literature: A Study of Liberal Law and Toni Morrison’s African-American slave narratives.

Working at the intersection between law and literature, my doctoral thesis aims to approach this intersection from the perspective of ‘race’. From the side of law I am looking at Foucauldian jurisprudence while from the side of literature I am looking at the slave narratives of Toni Morrison, and the thesis tries to build a conversation between these two intellectual undertakings.”

Supervisors: Dr. Mpalive Msiska (Arts), Prof. Peter Fitzpatrick (Law)



Thomas Travers

Thomas is a doctoral candidate in the department of English and Humanities at Birkbeck College. His research focuses on the poetics of capital in the fiction of Don DeLillo, and is particularly interested in the representation of peripheral spaces and labour in DeLillo’s work. Other areas of interest include Marxism, Critical Theory, and Modernism. Additionally Tom is on the editorial collective of the journal Dandelion. An unrepentant Utopian, he posts with ever diminishing frequency at phantomlikeobjectivity

Supervisor: John Kraniauskas (Department of Languages and Cultures)